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The Ultimate Glossary of Printing Terms

Shopping for photo prints can be difficult if you are not fluent in the language of printing. Even seasoned pros often ask us what a certain term means.

To make it easier for you to order photo prints and photo books online, we have created the Shop Duggal Glossary. It includes all of the technical terminology, acronyms and camera settings you need in order to create masterful printed imagery. This resource will help you feel more confident in both your craft and your purchase.

You may not have an interest in every single term in the glossary, but you will certainly find a few helpful pieces of information almost instantly. For example, do you know what “chalking” means? It’s the deterioration of a printed image caused by ink that absorbs into paper too fast or has long exposure to the elements, making it look dusty.

Or, how about, “ghosting?” No, it’s not when you stop talking to someone—at least not in this case. In printing, ghosting is the phenomenon of a faint image appearing on a printed sheet where it was not intended to appear. Chemical ghosting refers to the transfer of the faint image from the front of one sheet to the back of another sheet. Mechanical ghosting refers to the faint image appearing as a repeat of an image on the same side of the sheet. Ghosting may also mean a printed image is appearing too light because of ink starvation.

Test your current knowledge, gain more, and understand the full scope of your photo printing projects. Your photographer friends will be impressed, and it will make the art all the more enjoyable. Spend 60 seconds looking through the Shop Duggal Glossary, and then tweet to us with a new term you learned! 

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