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What Makes Photo Prints High Definition?

You have probably heard the term, “HD,” or, “high definition,” used in reference to photo prints. What does HD really mean, and why is it so beneficial? In short, the image is clearer, brighter, and more pronounced—but let’s take a closer look at HD photo prints.

Pixel Count

Whether or not a moving image is high definition often relates to pixel count, which is linked to the size of the screen on which the image is being viewed. This is also true of photo prints. Pixels are often thought of in terms of DPI, or “dots per square inch.” Printed pictures should have at least 300 DPI. Otherwise, they will look blurry when printed, despite appearing fine on a computer screen. For comparison, Shop Duggal’s HD C-prints contain 6,100 DPI, more than 20x the DPI of standard photo prints. 


High resolution prints typically correspond with high definition prints. An image displayed in great quality on a computer monitor may not always translate well on a paper print due to the two mediums responding differently to resolution. Therefore, it is important to consider how your photo’s DPI and image resolution will appear once printed.

Shop Duggal

Shop Duggal delivers a true HD print of your image with unrivaled resolution and stunning color. Better yet, you can customize the size, paper type, and even mounting options for your HD photo prints. Whether you choose matte, glossy, deep matte, or metallic paper, you can expect your image to have the extra “pop” that every photographer seeks. Order your HD photo prints today!


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