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The Untold Nuances of Fine Art Photo Printing

As our world continues to morph with the digital age, it’s important to maintain the value that archival prints represent. Many artists and photographers consider fine art photo printing their medium of choice for displaying their images. Fine art prints are produced using high-quality archival ink and acid-free fine art paper, usually with an Inkjet or Lightjet printer. You might not have known that the acid content in many non-fine art papers is what makes them turn yellow and brittle over time.

Paper Options for Fine Art Photo Printing

When it comes to fine art printing, it’s more about texture than finish.

  • Low Texture - Think a smooth, matte paper.
  • Medium Texture - A traditional watercolor finish.
  • Heavy Texture - A coarse surface to add visible texture.

Why Visual Artists Are Attracted to Fine Art Paper

Due to its timeless nature, fine art photo printing is a major asset in the sphere of art photography. It is often utilized by museums, professional photographers, and top retail brands thanks to the fact that it is well-equipped for retaining inks and pigments. There’s no denying that normal photo paper is sure to meet the needs of some users. However, unless you will only be showing your photos on an occasional basis, fine art paper ensures they are displayed in their best light at exhibition quality.

What Makes Fine Art Photo Printing Last?

The difference between fine art paper and normal photo paper lies in the materials composed within the paper. Fine art photo paper must include natural fibers such as cotton or alpha cellulose. Indeed, the purpose of this printing style is an investment in time, therefore the surface layer must remain cohesive with the ink over time while offering a neutral pH to ensure the paper itself is resilient.

Archival Printing at Duggal

Duggal Visual Solutions uses papers from the most trusted names in photography and multiple materials such as: Somerset Velvet Enhanced, Moab Entrada, Sunset Hot Press Rag, and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta. Our premier lab contains all the resources to ensure your artwork lasts a lifetime, while our experts are committed to helping you find the right solution for your needs and preferences. Contact us today to start your project.

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