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6 Different Types of Image Printing

There are so many different ways to print an image, each with its own benefits and use cases. Whether it’s the material being printed to or the technology used, image printing has taken on all sorts of forms. This article covers the most common print styles. Later on, in a separate article, we’ll discuss the more specialized forms of image printing.

Digital Printing

Certainly the most common form of image printing in 2019, digital printing involves using a high-volume laser or inkjet printer to print images. This high-quality output allows photographers to have greater control of the production and post-production processes.

Lenticular Printing

One of the more exciting ways to enhance an image, lenticular printing uses specific lenses that function like magnifying glasses to enlarge specific elements that change shape or form depending on the angle from which you’re looking. A common example are the prizes found in Cracker Jack boxes.

Giclee Prints

Giclee prints use enhanced technology in the dyes and pigments chosen for the print process. This method is often used when making lower quantities of a high-end print.

Sublimation Printing

True to its name, sublimation printing requires full submersion of the material being printed to. Although the most common form of sublimation printing is to fabric, it’s actually a dynamic printing process that can be applied to upholstery, glass, tile and more.

C Printing

The term C print stands for Chromogenic color prints. These are full-color photographic prints made using traditional chemicals and processes. For Digital C prints, the material is exposed using lasers or LED lights. This is the preferred method used in the production of today’s color photographic prints.

Matte Photo Print

Matte photo prints are a form of image printing where the end product is intentionally softer, smoother, and meant to minimize glare by using anti-reflective characteristics in the dye.

Need Help Choosing?

We know there are a lot of printing styles to consider for your artwork or photography. Duggal has been a trusted print partner to visual creatives for more than 50 years, and can help you select the right image printing method based on your needs, vision and budget. Get in touch with one of our experts today.

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