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Why Vibrachrome™? Duggal’s Metal Prints Explained

Vibrachrome™ prints are buzzing in the arts community. If you haven’t heard of or seen these dye-sublimated metal prints, let us explain:

What is Vibrachrome™?

Vibrachrome is Duggal’s response to the need for a vibrant yet durable solution to printing on metal. A specially coated paper printed on a dye-sublimation press is transferred to a separate press that heats the print against the face of the metal at 400 degrees F. As the water in the ink evaporates, the ink transitions from a solid to gaseous state. After the metal cools, the ink becomes permanent and scratch-resistant—no lamination needed.

Flexibility in Aesthetic

There are multiple ways to customize your Vibrachrome™ prints:


We offer two different aluminum canvases to choose from:

  • White Aluminum – Captures a bold look and sleek essence; a great selection if you don’t plan on using any special kind of lighting on the piece.
  • Natural Aluminum – Achieves more of a muted appearance; ideal in a showroom that allows either natural or staged light to accentuate the print.

Finishing Options

With matte, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes, you can pick the sheen that best fits the environment of the print. We have experts at to advise on which finish will bring out the best in your Vibrachrome™ print.

Flexibility in Sizing

Duggal can also help you find the right-sized piece for your application. A Vibrachrome™ print as a gift probably doesn’t need to be a museum-sized print. That’s why Shop Duggal allows a range of print sizes, from 8”x10” up to 40” x 50.” We also offer a variety of sizes in vertical orientations.

The New Standard

Metal prints are a growing trend among photographers of all skill levels. Best of all, you can order Vibrachrome™ prints online. Visit to start your order today. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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