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Love B&W? Get the Best B&W Photo Prints with This 1-2 Combo

Whether you’re searching for custom wall art, professional printing for your photography, or an online photo book creator, the appeal of black and white is hard to deny. 

Why consider cutting the colors? Because B&W is beautifully simple. The distractions are removed, drawing all eyes into the details that make the image one of a kind. At Shop Duggal, you can order the best B&W photo prints in two easy steps:

Shop Duggal sources the highest quality papers for every type of photo print. Our black and white prints are from Ilford, the home of black and white film photography with over 140 years of excellence. Produced on silver gelatin paper, Ilford True Black & White Photo Prints embrace the darkroom technique for a pop of contrast. Read more.

Classic Black or White Frame
A classic print calls for a classic frame beyond what you see on store shelves. Choose between black and white based on your image. If the image is darker, consider a white frame. If it’s lighter, go with a black frame. Shop Duggal’s frames are made from solid hardwood and handcrafted in our Brooklyn, NY sustainable printing facility. All frames include a Plexiglass face, 2” super white mat, 3/16” foamcore back, Kraft paper finish, and hanging wire attached.

Order your black and white photo prints today!

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